• Free Jefferson County, WV

    From industrialization, from pollution, from corruption.

  • Why We Fight

    We are a rural, historic and creative community. We will not accept heavy industrial development.

    Our Children

    Rockwool is planning the construction of a heavily emitting factory directly across Route 9 from North Jefferson Elementary School. The factory site is within 2 miles of the public schools attended by 30% of our county's children. We are fighting to protect the health and wellbeing of our children from toxic and hazardous pollution.

    Our Air

    Rockwool has received a permit from the WV Department of Environmental Protection to spew thousands of tons of toxic and hazardous pollutants into the air we breath. These pollutants include phenol, formaldehyde, methane and PM 2.5. They affect the kidney, liver, brain, heart and lungs.

    Our Water

    The Charles Town Utility Board (CTUB) has applied for a permit to accept 46,800 Gallons Per Day (GPD) of domestic and industrial sewage. This wastewater will be treated and dumped in Ebbets Run, a favorite fishing spot. Pollutants will travel to the Shenandoah, Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay, degrading our entire watershed.

    Our Prosperity

    Our economy is based on agriculture, tourism, education, government, the arts and light manufacturing. We have adopted a Comprehensive Plan for the sustainable development of our county into the future. We want an inclusive economy that supports and encourages a variety of small businesses and local employment opportunities.

    Our Community

    We expect our civic leaders to protect the interests of our community and accept the will of the majority of the people. We were shocked and disheartened to learn that our public officials had secretly committed over $37 million of our tax money for incentives to a foreign corporation that would impose a polluting factory and significantly deteriorate our land, air and water.

    Our Future

    We were disheartened to discover that the Rockwool plant was just the beginning. Rockwool was planned as the first user for a 1,400-acre industrial zone that would consume massive amounts of water, coal and fracked gas. We are aware that our global ecosystem is stressed and we need to create a resilient and clean economy to protect the interests of future generations.

  • our demands

    As citizens of Jefferson County, WV, the Washington DC metro area and Planet Earth, we expect our public officials to act in our best interests. When they don't, it is our responsibility to hold them accountable.

    Answer Us: Would Denmark Allow this at Home?

    An Open Letter to the Danish Ambassador

    We sent an open letter to the Danish Ambassador requesting answers to the following questions no later than March 26th, 2019:

    • Do you believe that the people of West Virginia deserve the same rights and protections as those of the people of Denmark?

    • Do you believe Rockwool should have to meet Danish standards in its

      international operations?

    • Do you believe that Rockwool should be allowed to build a factory in Jefferson County that violates those standards by endangering the air, water, population health and future prosperity of our community?

    We will meet with Acting Ambassador Henrik Bramsen Hahn on March 22nd and will present him with information on the planned Rockwool factory.


    We will peaceably assemble for a Rally and Moral Action at the Danish Embassy on March 28th. Join us!

    Oppose the Construction of the Rockwool Factory

    A demand of Senator Manchin

    You participated in the groundbreaking ceremony on June 25th, 2018. You should be outraged that you were misled about the impact on our air and water and the health of our children.

    We demand you make an unequivocal official statement opposing the construction of the planned Rockwool factory in Jefferson County.

    Initiate a Federal Investigation

    A demand of Senator Manchin

    Pledge to use the full powers of your office to initiate a federal investigation into the health and environmental impacts of the plant and the suspected improper procedures and processes by which it is being imposed on our communities.

    Convene the JCDA Board of Directors by 3/14/19

    A demand of the Jefferson County Commission

    • Executive Director Nick Diehl needs oversight and accountability. The JCDA needs proper governance immediately. 
    • End the intimidation of candidates. Select qualified board members with a variety of experiences and areas of expertise. Do not impose a litmus test.
    • Appoint the requisite number of board members so that the JCDA can take any and all appropriate actions to disclose information to the public, negotiate an exit from the PILOT agreement and return Jefferson County, WV to a path of prosperity for all.

    Release the JCDA Records for Full Transparency

    A demand of the Jefferson County Commission

    • Jefferson County Vision (JCV) has made a Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) request of JCDA documents. The JCDA has refused to release the documents claiming an exemption for economic development. The JCDA is spending taxpayer funds fighting for secrecy.
    • The JCC must promote transparency by instructing the JCDA to settle the lawsuit and the documents to the public without further expenditures on lawyers.
  • Our Story

    of community, compassion, corruption and love.

    Story by David Levine. This piece is not an official statement on behalf of Resist Rockwool and does not necessarily represent the views or experience of our members. Corruption is a Really Big Word Corruption is a big, loaded word and not one that should be tossed around lightly. In the Green...
    February 17, 2019
    Story by David Levine. This piece is not an official statement on behalf of Resist Rockwool and does not necessarily represent the views or experience of our members. A former Jefferson County public official wrote: "Manchin grew up in Farmington where 78 miners were killed with no...
    A Teacher from Fox Glen Ranson broke away from the neighboring city of Charles Town in 1910 to pursue its destiny “as the industrial hub of Jefferson County anchored by a booming manufacturing economy.” A year ago, in January 2018, Ranson and Charles Town proposed merging their sewer systems...
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  • Press

    Coverage of our Struggle for Clean Air & Water, Health & Prosperity For All

    Senator Manchin: Take a Stand!

    11 citizens are arrested when over 40 of us demanded Senator Manchin oppose Rockwool

  • Our Values

    The Core Principles and Code of Conduct that Guides Us.

    Our Principles

    These Principles are the founding agreements that unite, define, and guide Resist Rockwool. Whenever representing or acting as part of Resist Rockwool, we will uphold these principles. Any action which does not follow these principles does not represent us.

    1. Mission

    We share a common mission. We are fighting to stop the Rockwool factory from being built in Jefferson County, West Virginia. We are united in our determination to secure a future of health, clean air, water, and land, and shared prosperity for all who live here.

    2. Movement

    We pursue a movement strategy. We understand that the collective action of the people –– not the preferences of those in positions of political or economic authority –– is the ultimate power in society. We pursue a multi-pronged strategy including grassroots organizing, electoral mobilization, digital communications and nonviolent moral direct action to galvanize the critical mass of active public support that will secure our victory. As one part of a larger movement ecosystem, we value all of the elements that are necessary for us to win.

    3. Nonviolence

    We are committed to nonviolence. We are a movement of love –– for each other and our common home. We maintain nonviolent discipline in all our actions and communications. By upholding our Code of Nonviolence, we open the way for anyone to join our movement, secure the moral high ground, and starkly reveal the injustice we seek to overcome.

    4. Truth

    We practice honesty, openness, and integrity in all our communications. We honor the truth and strive always to accurately express our understanding. We believe that truth may be grasped by both the mind and the heart and communicated in both rational, scientific and intuitive or emotional statements. We will not exaggerate, suppress facts, or lie about any matter. We will call out and expose misleading or false information. We work to continually improve our understanding and communicate our knowledge as clearly and effectively as possible.

    5. Nonpartisanship

    We embrace a diversity of political perspective and approach –– so long as any views or actions do not violate any of our Principles. We are not affiliated with any political party or defined by any political ideology, progressive or conservative. We are united by a belief in democracy, a common mission, and a love of country and community. When we endorse and support candidates for elected office, we will do so based solely on their commitment and ability to help fulfill our mission.

    6. Inclusion

    We welcome all. People of every background, identity, or circumstance are welcome in our movement family. We strive to create a diverse, representative, and inclusive community undivided by racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry, prejudice, or any force of discrimination. We work to make room for all to belong, feel at home, and take leadership.

    7. Empowerment & Community

    We are a caring community of volunteers who empower and support each other. We acknowledge our journey will be a genuine struggle. To succeed, we must build an ever-expanding circle of volunteer leadership rooted in joyful, authentic community. We strive to develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence of all of our members and to practice democratic collaboration at every level. As we support one another to sacrifice, risk, and grow to achieve our common mission, we appreciate every contribution and nourish our spirits and the bonds of our movement family with song, care, and fellowship.

    Our Code of Nonviolence

    Adapted from a section of the Poor People’s Campaign Covenant of Nonviolence

    I believe that by maintaining nonviolent discipline, I will contribute to upholding the integrity, vision, values, and goals of the Resist Rockwool campaign. Consistent with our commitment to honor and respect the dignity and humanity of every human being:

    • I will not use hostile language, swear, use insults, or engage in any aggressive, threatening, or intimidating behavior.
    • I will not use violence (verbal or physical) and I will not threaten violence in any manner. I stand for the avoidance of violence and against the making of threats of violence.
    • I will not carry, possess, or use any weapons or anything that could be construed as a weapon.
    • I will not throw debris, waste, trash, or other items, and I will not harm, damage, or destroy any life or property.

    In order to promote an environment where people feel welcome and respected and to affirm my own humanity and dignity:

    • I will walk with dignity, and not run, if I wish to leave an event or action.
    • I will not bring, possess, or use alcohol, marijuana, or illegal drugs at an event or action.

    Given the power and importance of being our authentic selves and sharing our stories, I choose and commit never to wear a mask so that I can tell my story and my truth about why this campaign is important to me in a public and accessible manner that promotes honesty and trust.

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